ABOUT YOUTHanasia Foundation


YOUTHanasia Foundation Inc. was founded on September 1, 1997.  The organization was created out of pure passion for the preservation of teen life during a time when Greater New Orleans was coined “the murder capital of the nation”.  

The mission of YOUTHanasia Foundation Inc. is to create and implement comprehensive prevention and intervention programs that contribute to the eradication of youth violence in Greater New Orleans.  

The name of the organization is based on the word “euthanasia” which means “to kill or be killed”.  Thus, we need a name just as harsh as the senseless killings of youth taking place on the streets of Greater New Orleans everyday!  YOUTHanasia Foundation Inc. lives up to its motto “We kill what’s killing Greater New Orleans teenagers!” by working to get rid of root causes of youth demise:  illiteracy, mental health issues, family ills, substance and alcohol abuse, poor physical health, hunger, bullying, homelessness and social ills.  

YOUTHanasia Foundation Inc. has been changing the lives of teenaged youth since 1997 through service learning education, cultural arts expression, and interactive youth leadership development.